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Well Crud

When Andrea picked up the PlayStation off of eBay a while back she also picked up a copy of Final Fantasy VIII.  Which is totally awesome… but was also the only PS1 game I already owned!  What are the odds?

So with two copies of the game, I figured I’d keep the nicest one, and sell the other on eBay.  So I went to take the stickers off the one I was to sell.  Let me tell you, taking 10 year old stickers off is no fun at all.  So I figured I’d bust out the trusty GooGone.  That was a bad idea as it turns out.

GooGone not only dissolves the sticky gunk you can never get off from stickers… but also dissolves the very plastic CD jewel cases are made of.  Turns out they warn you about this in very fine print on the bottle.

It doesn’t look too bad in some angles.  But when the light hits it right, it’s awful.

Good news is I think I can rob a few empty jewel cases from work and replace the pieces I screwed up.  But tell all your friends.  GooGone is some serious stuff.

It’s been moved.

If you’re wondering where the missing post went.  I didn’t delete it.  I just had to move it for…uh…security reasons.  I’ll put it back at a later date.  That’s all I can say about that.  Oh the intrigue!

Been busy.

I know I’ve been absent from posting for a while. But it’s been busy around here lately. At least it seems like it has. This last weekend Andrea’s niece and nephew came up. I guess you could call it babysitting, but I honestly had a good time. We’re doing our part on being a bad influence. Her niece was supposed to be grounded from the TV, but we forced her to play Wii Sports all weekend. Took a lot of convincing, let me tell ya. And her nephew just ran around playing with hotwheels cars all weekend. A lot less screaming than I expected.

This week has been somewhat nerve wracking at work. Everybody is nervous because there’s rumors of paycuts. Though I haven’t actually heard anything substative on that. But mosty everyone griping that Smokey Dan needs to hit the road before anybody takes a paycut around there. And I whole heartedly agree. It’s not that I don’t like the guy. He really is a decent guy a heart, and I don’t wish anybody to be out of work. But the man is truly incompetent. He creates about as much work for everyone else as he gets done. It would rub a lot of people the wrong way if they had to make a sacrifice to save his job. Like I say, I hope it’s all rumors, but if there is any truth to them, I hope the people in charge remember that this is a business…not a charity.

Got a little bit of work done on the car yesterday at lunch. It was idling a little rough the other night, so I decided to put a new distributor cap and rotor on. The parts were cheap, and who knows when it was last done. I pulled the old ones off and they didn’t look too terrible. A little corrosion, but they’d obviously been replaced sometime in the last 200,000 miles. But I went ahead and put the new parts on anyway. Seems to run a smidge smoother, but I think the main problem is the carburetor. So I bought an old one and I’m gonna try my hand at rebuilding it. Hopefully after that it’s just like new, and I’m back up to getting 24 MPG on the hiway like I did when I first bought the thing! It just kinda sucks working on the car now that it’s cold and dark by the time I get off work.

Outside of that, I’ve found myself on the computer less. I’ve been playing a lot of the game I’m doing for my next N64 re-review. I’ve probably already spend about 4 hours playing it, and I think I might go ahead and try to beat the game again before I write the review. Some of these games it’s really hard to get into now, just beacuse they’re dated, or I have already played them to death. But the fact I’ve spent so much time on this game in the last week, it truly a testament to how great it is, and how well it stands the test of time. Look for the review closer to Thanksgiving.

Oh, Man!

You know it’s going to be a long day when you wake up, start the coffee and ten minutes later there is just hot water. Yep, guess I left out the important steps of putting in a coffee filter and adding coffee.

I did it AGAIN!

Geeze, I’m terrible. You ever have one of those things you have to do, and for some reason or another you keep telling yourself, “I’ll do it tomorrow”? Well…I just realized TODAY that February is the month to renew my car tags. Which I HAVEN’T done yet! DOH! Too late now to do it today. I’ll have to head in tomorrow morning. But hey, I haven’t gotten pulled over the first 3 days of March. I think I can make it one more!
I hope.

We all have those ‘moments’…

We call them brain farts, senior moments, blonde moments…something to make light of our stupidity. Heck, I have them every day! So, when someone else does it on a grand-ish scale I have to admit the little ‘evil-me’ kind of enjoys it.

Our Friday lunch special was a Chili Burger. The name implies that it is chili on a burger. I took out my first one and commented that it sure must be a small burger cuz all I see is chili. But, it’s a special and some businesses will downsize on portions to sell it cheaper. The cook just looked at me like she didn’t appreciate my opinion.

Through half of lunch I served these and all people said was that they’d be hungry before supper. Finally, someone had the nerve to say that it was the strangest Chili Burger they’d had with only chili and no hamburger patty.

Turns out the cook “didn’t know” what a chili burger was and she was sending out a spoon of chili on a bun. Ok, I get it that the general population wouldn’t know what a chili burger is, but does this cook make 50 cheeseburgers a day? Does she just send out cheese on a bun? Where does common sense and accountability come into play. If she didn’t know what she was cooking, then ask! When I remarked that I couldn’t see a burger, shouldn’t a little light have gone off above her head? No, too subtle? Ok, when I turned in my order tickets that had “special burger” written in big letters, shouldn’t THAT have been a clue?

I pull some dumb-assed stunts. In no way do I fantasize that I am a great waitress. I get by because I’ll be the first one at the table letting people know when I screw up. Hell, I’ve spilled drinks on people, even dropped a steak knife in a guys lap. We laugh, have fun at my expense and they come back time after time. Some of them even ASK for me to wait on them. However, yesterday people left feeling screwed and tattooed after paying almost six bucks for a scoop of chili with their bread.

But, oddly no one was held accountable EXCEPT the lady that complained that it was the weirdest chili burger she’d ever had. Yeah, she’s been labeled a trouble maker. Go figure that one out!

Be careful making fun of people.

Well Andrea decided to get the cable TV going again at our place.  She called last week to get it set up, and they said it would be turned on by Monday at the latest.  Monday came and went so we stopped by Cox and said what’s up?  They said they’d send someone over Wednesday to find out what the deal was, but it showed that they already turned it on.

Well we’ve had cable before and I knew it worked.  “Did you hook it up right?”  I asked her.  She said she was pretty sure, so I got to looking.  The cable box was hooked to the TV.  But I looked at the cable outlet on the wall and there was nothing plugged in!  “Well there’s your problem!”

I gave her some jabs for a while and then I went to go take out the pizza I thew in the oven for her when she headed home from work.  She looks at it and says, “You forgot to take the cardboard off the bottom before you put it in the oven!”  DOH!

I guess we’re even, eh?

Well we got Guitar Hero 3…

Here’s how:

We’re over at Andrea’s Sister’s house passing the time until everybody shows up.  Andrea claims the wireless guitar is giving her fits, so we hook up the corded one.  I finally get a turn and am thoroughly sucking it up, when across walks Andrea and catches the cord on the guitar.  The PS2 goes flying, and the disc goes sailing out of the machine hell bent on destruction.

We get everything situated again, put the disc back, and all seems well and good.  Until a couple songs start skipping.  Uh oh!  So she decided to buy them a new copy of the game and we took the scratched one!  She’s so sweet!  We got a disc scratch fixer.  The scratch still looks pretty nasty, but it doesn’t seem to skip anymore.

So on top of that I got a closet organizer, Drinking Checkers (you play with shot glasses instead of checkers) and a microwave.  If anybody needs a microwave let me know, we have two now!

Stupid Keys. Wal-Mart suprises.

I locked my keys in my car for the second time in the last couple months. The first time it WASN’T my fault! I have a long lanyard on my key chain and it got caught on the door as I was closing it and sucked the keys right out of my hand into the car as the locked door slammed shut. And I didn’t have any spare keys. Ugh!

This time it’s my own dumb ass fault. I just got out, locked the door and left the keys in the ignition. GRR! I’m always so paranoid about locking my keys in my car too. That I usually check twice to make sure I have my keys when I get out of the car. And I STILL didn’t have any spare keys for this car! Dumb ass moment again, I know.

So the guy pop the lock with relative ease. And I paid him and I head to Wal-Mart to finally go get a spare set of keys made. As I walk up to the automotive counter, they are JUST shutting off all the lights. But the girl closing counter is nice enough that she said she’d make a set for me real quick. I was shocked to find someone that nice and willing to take extra time to help somebody out when they could just punch out and get the hell out of there. But as she’s looking, they’re out of the keys I need! GRR! But I still thanked her for being willing to help me even after they shut down. So I didn’t walk away feeling completely disgusted.

But I STILL don’t have spare keys for this car. I’m going to have to go by True Value tonight or something. I gotta get some damned keys…or a slim jim. I can’t afford to keep paying locksmiths every couple months!

Thanks, Matt!

Thanks for fixin’ up the category thing-a-ma-deal. The reason I couldn’t remember my password was cuz they assigned me a password which was a mix of random numbers and letters. Seriously, they think I can retain that? Puh-leez…I retain water and fat calories!!!!!