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My collection isn’t that bad…

At least not as bad as this.

I ran across this auction on eBay.  It’s totally fishy to me because it was listed once under the story that some kid died and the parents were selling off his collection.  They claimed not to know anything about this stuff, but they consulted a “Nintendo Expert” that informed thim of the value of the collection.

The seller seems like a real tool.  It looks like they got barraged with messages about the auction.  They posted a bunch of negative questions on the auction with a bunch of a-hole responses.  Then the auction was cancelled and re-listed without mention of the kid dying.

If I had to guess, this is a scam auction.  But it appears this collection does exist… somewhere.

Of course, if you want to find out if the auction is legit, it will only cost you $59,000.


Practice vs. Predisposition

I knew someone growing up that always insisted that they, I or anyone could be just as good as anyone else given the right amount of effort and practice.  I rather, postulated that some are naturally gifted with certian talents and that neither she, I or anyone else would EVER be as good as them given equal amounts of effort and practice.

I submit to the court exhibit A:  A 5 year old drummer

This kid has already surpassed my skills as a drummer.  I’m not terrible, I’m not good.  I’m probably smack dab in the middle of the bell curve.  Lil’ Johnah there has a bright future ahead of him, because with plenty of practice he could potentially be the most phenomenal percussionist the world has ever seen.  Me?  Well if I practice long and hard enough, I could surely be good enough to be a professional drummer.  But I don’t know anyone who in their right mind would consider me a phenom.

I don’t want to short effort and ethic for achieving goals.  That’s not what this is about.  But just to lay to rest an old argument that we aren’t all created QUITE equal.  You have some God given abilities somewhere that others don’t.  Find ’em and use ’em!  Mine just happen to be in Mario Kart.  Haha!

As soon as I win the lottery…

I'm buying one of these.


And on of these to pull it with.

I’m so ready to get out for a while it’s not funny.  MAJOR cabin fever going on here.  I feel the need to get some camping on early this season.  It’s still pretty cold at night, but that hasn’t stopped us before!

So there may not be an Airstream in my future, but Andrea STILL hasn’t used our tent we bought last year, and unless she just REALLY doesn’t feel up to it, we’re going to try to get a little camping in sometime before Luke gets here!