First real drag races. (lots o’ pics)

Well nobody thinks of Great Bend as the place where there’s tons of stuff to do, but we’re getting better and better at seeking out things to do.  A while back during our radio auction I scored a pair two day passes to the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series here this weekend.  You could think of it as the Nationwide Series of NHRA drag racing.

Saturday, was rainy off and on and windy like a mofo.  We switched sides of the track to get out of the wind and were much more comfortable.  But soon enough the rain shut everybody down and we went home.  Sunday was still windy but otherwise beautiful.  Perfect day!

It was awesome.  The superstock cars were cool because they still look (for the most part) like cars you’d see on the street, but they are friggin’ fast.  You think they’re loud too, until the Top Alcohol and Funny Cars roll out.  Yeah, I tried not to hold my ears, but after the first pass… well it was in our best interest since we were only about 20 ft. from the track and no sense going deaf for no reason.  Plus when you plug the ears, you realize how the sound shakes every bone in your body.

They weren’t the cheapest tickets $50 for both of us (auction price).  But man it was worth it.  Seeing something like that on TV is one thing.  But seeing something as insane as  human beings in screaming machines being hurled 1/4 mile in a little over 5 seconds with your own eyes is just too damn cool.

Now tons of pictures.  Check the picasa album for tons more!

EDIT: Found out this is a Dodge Diplomat with a Slant Six engine. Pretty cool!

The smell of burning rubber.

68 Cutlass vs. Chevy Nova

Hey, it's Andrea!

Lots of cool cars. Some more unique than others.

N-body showdown! Go, Grandma! Go!

Screw Horsepower. I LIKE TORQUE!

EDIT: Found out this is an Oldsmobile Firenza!

The big boys. Notice everyone holding their ears... they're the ones that have seen this before.

I like this shot because it shows how close we really were. No zoom needed!

Big ole' blower. These baby suck a lot of air... and fuel!

Vette vs. Camaro

Some cool cars here. Some nicer than others. All of them are expensive.

I like Mopars. Prolly never have one though. Definetly out of my league.

There was one wreck. Guy was okay, but still taken to the hospital. Tore up a really nice 69-ish Camaro.

All the zoom my camera has. You can kinda see what's left of the Camaro.

Back to racing! The wreck didn't scare of the drivers apparently!

This orange Malibu reminded Andrea of Dad's car.

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  1. How totally cool!!!! Looks like a great time. I bet it was “friggin’ loud” lol. What an awesome experience though! It something on my list to do someday. Thanks for all the pics!

  2. It looks like you had a great time! The rain-out day was more than made up for on day 2. Yep, when people in-the-know are plugging their ears the ‘duck and cover’ rule applies. They know something we don’t know!

  3. Just noticed how Matt ‘conveniently’ cropped the 2nd picture just right to get the kid with the Favre jersey in it!! haha

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