A Pair of Podcasts

Well two new things here.  First off, I’ve joined with Biebs for a new weekly podcast we’re dubbing “The Rants of Two Old Dudes”.  We’re going to discuss tech and gaming both modern and retro.

Here’s Episode 1 of The Rants of Two Old Dudes!  Enjoy!

Secondly I tried something new with my own personal podcast.  It has a lot of refinement left to go.  Infact I don’t even have any intro artwork, and had no idea what to use for video during the Mystery Song, but here it is.  I had to just go ahead and post it, or else it was just going to sit around forever.  As I get more proficient in video production, I’ll be able to crank them out and make them more polished.  But for now here’s a very rough video podcast.

Only one topic: Digital Distribution of games vs. Physical Copies
Previous Mystery Song was from Super Mario Bros 2
No podcast Music
New Mystery Song

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  1. Very good argument there. I agree with the physical distribution of games needing to be preserved, but from a retailer point of view selling data is much simpler and more profitable than handling the logistics for a physical distribution. If gamers boycotted digital distribution today the gamer community might have a chance, but that is not likely to happen. So, thirty years from now, Farmville may RIP. I buy, sell, and trade video games as my fulltime job (Independently, not affiliated with any big name stores :P) so I see exactly what your talking about. These newer games are getting harder to value, as some of the value is online (Take Battlefield 3 for example, if you buy it used you must Repurchase the online code to play with your friends online).

    Hope to hear more posts like this, and btw, the video added a nice element to the podcast, but will it still be accesible without video?

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