I Am Ready

It’s been a long wait, but finally the day is coming.  I’ve missed out on the last few chances to play Guild Wars 2.  I missed the previous beta weekend as I was in Wichita, and yesterday’s stress test was only a couple hours while I was at work.  But at least I know that here in a few short months I’ll be able to play any time day or night!  Plus there’s still one more beta weekend event coming up at the end of July that I’m hoping to get in on too.

I’ve been trying to take vacation at work for a long time.  Last time I had scheduled a 5 day weekend, all but one of my days off got cancelled because of scheduling conflicts.  This time I’m telling them I’ve spent thousands of dollars already and I’m leaving the country.  In reality, I’ve spent a hundred or so, and I’m not going anywhere but my house.  Seriously, you won’t be able to crack me loose unless there’s a fire.

The AC finally got fixed.  Turns out it was the thermostat.  They replaced it and it seems to be working.  Though they replaced it with one that isn’t programmable.  Not a huge deal since Andrea’s a home most days now.  When we both worked, it was nice to set it a little higher during the day while we were gone.  But just glad it’s working again.

Honestly it wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be.  We would open up all the windows at night and turn on the attic fan.  It would get down to the mid 70’s at night and really cool it off in the house.  Then before I went to work in the mornings, I would close up all the windows to try to keep the cool air in.  Didn’t work too bad.  I think the highest it ever got in the house was 90 upstairs, which translates to about 85 or so downstairs.  So if we retreated to the basement it wasn’t too awful, even on the days when it got up to 111.  But certianly less convinent.  I guess we’ll save a little money on our power bill from the time it wasn’t running in the sweltering heat.

I’ve started to play Metroid Prime again.  In fact I’ll be heading to do that as soon as I finish this post.  I’m making progress.  The new upgrades I’m getting are making getting around a lot faster.  Which is good because I seem to be back-tracking a lot, probably through my own fault.  But I feel like I’m finally settling in with the game… only 8 hours into it.  =P

So I officially have to beat this game before August 25th.  Because after that, I won’t be playing much of anything else but Guild Wars 2.

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