Lots of work on a day off

I don’t want to come across as complaining, but rather just reflect on a day that didn’t turn out anything like I had expected.

I really only had one thing to get done today which was get the oil changed on both cars.

I woke up about 8:30 and noticed I’d missed a text on my phone.  It was one of our part timers informing me that they forgot to inform me that they were out of town and were scheduled to work today… well that’s nice.  So I’m filling in for that now today.

As I’m checking that message (I haven’t even got out of bed yet) I get another message from another co-worker saying we’re having issues with one of our Saturday morning shows.  So the next 45 minutes are spent getting that around.  After fixing that I suddenly realize I haven’t made any coffee yet!  Better get on that before this day becomes a complete disaster!

I grab a cup of coffee and head down to the computer to make the morning internet rounds.  Figure I’ve got quite a bit of time since I don’t have to be to work until 5PM so I decide to fire up some Minecraft and played for a good hour or so.

I embark on the oil change of both cars which goes pretty un-eventful until I realize… I got the wrong filter for my car.  I dunno how I did… I’ve been changing the oil on that car for 5 years now.  So even an oil change can’t go flawless today!

The good news is, since I went to work, the rest of the day has been pretty smooth!  It’s almost over now and the good news is I only have one thing planned to get done tomorrow… oh no.

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